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Pregnancy/fertility/hormone balancing silver crystal beaded bracelet

Pregnancy/fertility/hormone balancing silver crystal beaded bracelet

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I have put together the perfect combination of crystals for fertility, hormone balancing and pregnancy.

ūü§ć Carnelian - helps to increase fertility and helps to fight fears of future parents. This stone helps to calm down and be confident. The stone is equally suitable for both men and women. They are also excellent crystals for pregnancy.

ūü§ćGreen adventurine - A potent fertility and pregnancy stone, Aventurine is brimming with lively energy, gentle peace, precious harmony, and a divine dose of good luck.

ūü§ćUnakite - Known as the Doula stone, this gem is loved by midwives everywhere as it helps guide mothers forward towards a healthy and harmonious pregnancy. Brimming with gentle uplifting energy, this stone can give you the dose of patience and calm you need.

ūü§ćRose Quartz - is said to aid increasing overall fertility.¬†This¬†pale pink stone is also helpful with headaches,¬†migraines, sexual dysfunction, ¬†depression, addictions, and weight loss. Rose quartz is helpful and protective during pregnancy and with childbirth.

ūü§ćMoonstone - great gemstones for fertility! They¬†bring reflective and calming energy by balancing emotions, which is perfect in relieving stress while trying to conceive. It¬†is said¬†they have the power to grant wishes too!¬† These¬†crystals have an inner flow and range from white to grey, often with flashes of blue.¬†They help promote a more regular menstrual cycle and boosts female energy.

ūü§ćRhodonite - Similar to Rose Quartz for its ability to promote unconditional love, Rhodonite also elevates emotional balance and is a powerful confidence booster.

ūü§ćAmethyst - A protective stone that helps to relieve stress/ anxiety and the symptoms that accompany it.

Please do not wear silver plated jewellery in the water.

The descriptions provided are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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