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Holly's Hope Beads

Clover leaf crystal healing bracelets

Clover leaf crystal healing bracelets

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18k gold plated clover charms & accent beads With 6mm natural crystal beads each bracelet comes with a card explaining the crystal properties 

✨Sodalite - boosts immune system, enhances self esteem, balances emotions and calms panic attacks.

✨howlite - eliminates pain and stress ,calming stone, stone of patience and perspective.

✨Dalmatian jasper - encourages a good nights sleep, brings joy and hope, releases feelings of anger.

✨amethyst - highly calming energy, a stone of peace, helps with anxiety and panic attacks.

✨blossom jasper - self- confidence, restorative to our overall health, soothes anxiety. 

✨lepidolite - helps with depression & stress, protects from negativity, brings balance and stability. 

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