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Beauty/healthy skin/glow up crystal bracelet

Beauty/healthy skin/glow up crystal bracelet

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Beauty/skin/ crystal healing bracelet need help with that glow up?! ✨
I have the perfect combination of crystals to help you detox the skin and get that healthy glow ✨

✨Clear quartz has a similar appearance to a diamond, and this gemstone contains properties that can make your skin feel and look like a diamond. Clear quartz has the ability to diminish puffiness around the eyes. It cools and detoxifies the skin, also reducing any redness and inflammation.

✨Amethyst can promote the regeneration of cells and aids in healthy blood circulation, which is extremely beneficial to fight signs of aging. Amethyst is the crystal that removes negativity and establishes natural intuition. Also, it gradually relieves one from stress.

✨Obsidian aids in sucking out toxins within the skin. It also can release tension and ultimately purify the skin by eliminating all of the toxins from the skin.

✨Blue Sodalite regulates the endocrine system. So, when there is a hormonal imbalance affecting the skin, the use of blue sodalite may help in purifying the skin.

✨Rose Quartz is used for its calming effects on the skin, helping to reduce redness, fine lines and wrinkles.

£8 plus p&p 💜

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