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pregnancy/fertility/ protection and health crystal ring

pregnancy/fertility/ protection and health crystal ring

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pregnancy/fertility/ protection and health

🌙 Moonstone Supports and strengthens the feminine cycles and can aid you through fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. It is said to balance the hormones, assist with fluid retention and allow acceptance of new beginnings.

💜Amethyst has a wonderful calming effect to help you glide through your pregnancy with a soothed mind. This wonderful crystal transforms negative thoughts into positive ones, shifts depression into a state of contentedness. It also eases tension, balances moods,  eases fear and anxiety. Amethyst heals and soothes emotions, helping you enjoy your pregnancy with peace of mind

💚Unakite Promotes a positive pregnancy and healthy growth for babies. It also creates a strong connection between a mother and her unborn child.

💗Rose Quartz
Considered the stone of love, it is great for new mums as it promotes motherly instincts and bonding with your baby.

💛Citrine Perfect for the postpartum period to re-balance hormones and encourage self-care. Known to promote joy and optimism with its bright colour and energy as well as strengthen courage and self-confidence. A lovely stone for anyone suffering with postal depression.

(silver plated elasticated ring)

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